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Hello my name is Joseph Anthony and I´m from Negombo Sri Lanka. I used to be a fisherman but after attending to FBS school God spoke to me to start a plastic recycling business. This was more than 2 years ago.

Now we collect more than 50 tons plastic waste per month and turn it into new plastic pelletine that we sell to the local plastic producers. With the help of 10+ staff we run the operations and we buy plastic from around 200 resellers that collect plastic waste.

Also, we help other organisations and entrepreneurs to start recycling projects. We build most of our own machinery. In 2019 the goverment appointed our company RNA plastic recycling center to help develop a system for collection and recycling of waste in Sri Lanka.

God have given me a vision to start recycling centers all over the island. I also want to start FBS schools to support the entrepreneurs just as I got a life change through this classes i want others to have the same opportunity.