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We are Dragana Grbic-Hasibovic and Zlatan Hasibovic from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. When we first met FBS (many thanks to Robert and Sandrina in Rafael), Dragana was working for an non-governmental organization and we were Herbalife Nutrition Distributors. We had one business venture in agriculture the year before and it was a complete disaster.

Our Herbalife Nutrition business was falling apart. And overall, we were not in good situation. In first lessons of FBS, we found out that we were not thinking about the principle of the Seed, and later we found many more mistakes which we were making.

However, we found the cure for all the problems. We started with reading the Bible. In the beginning, we started with thinking about the principle of Seed and Storage. Even though we had very little money, we started with the Samaritan Purse and a little bit later with Tithe. Also, we learned about Mission.

Now we have started a Marketing, Event Management and Consulting Agency that is growing, Herbalife Nutrition business is going to the absolutely new level, and we have our Mini Gym (Small Fitness Center). And in these times of Covid-19, when a lot of businesses are not working, God has given us tools to keep everything running, and to plan new ventures.

Thank you FBS