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Are you thinking of starting a business or are you running a company, but want it to develop it? At the same time do you want to know what the bible has to say about finances and entrepreneurship? Focus Business School is an international school of entrepreneurship built on a Christian foundation and is today active in Scandinavia, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe.

Get employable

FBS gives you knowledge that can help you to get a job.

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The knowledge from FBS gives you a long-term stable development.

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Let something new ingite within you.

Get your private finances in order

FBS teaches you how to deal with your private finances.

Deborah Rosman, 30, is a certified information designer and she is running as many as three different companies. She runs an interior design company and two cafés. One of the cafés is open during the summer holiday on the peninsula outside Nyköping. The first season the company had a revenue of two million SEK – in just 41 days.
When she started FBS, she was already running one company and she had some experience in how to manage it.

Filippa Axelsson
“With a heart for durable textile”

Stephen Balagadde
“Wants a stronger bond between congregation & entreprenuership”

Matti Karhunen
“New focus on entrepreneurship”

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